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Unexpected, episode two: sharing both my sexy girlfriends

Unexpected, episode two sharing both my sexy girlfriends

It was the middle of the night. Jessa and I were lying in bed, sound asleep. I was suddenly awoken by lights and the rumbling of tires coming from outside. I slunk lethargically out of the bedroom, walked down the hallway, and peeped through the living room window. There was a small car parked out front. I heard the faint clacking of heels stepping up my porch steps, then a knock at the door. I already knew who it was before I opened it. “Surprise!” she smiled. “What the fuck are you doing here, Ivy?” I snapped. Her smile drooped […]


Tickle my pink

Tickle My Pink Super Vibrato

  Laughter is infectious, but it affects some of us differently to others. Tickling turns me on. In fact, I had my first orgasm fantasizing about being tickled. Personally, I think having a tickle fetish is no stranger than being into massage, since the mechanics of it are all about being touched in a particular way, except that usually in the tickling scene the ticklee is bound or tied in a way that gives complete access to their most ticklish parts. In the tickling scene – and thanks to the internet there is such a thing – you are either […]


Ghosts, Episode Two: Intensity

Positions To Help You Last Longer Reviewsextoy

An erotic fantasy inspired by Charles Lakante’s “Radio Ghost” featuring Paula Shy. This is a continuation from episode one, which was posted on this blog on October 3rd 2016. The story so far: Paula feels a presence in the house with her, hungry to seduce her. Its touch becomes tangible as it undresses her, binding her to the staircase. The story continues… A million invisible eyes now surrounded Paula, observing and exploring her body in every detail. Up close and personal; feasting on her ribs, her rock hard nipples, her flat stomach, her belly button, her slender thighs and feet. […]


The L Train Blues: a lesbian encounter

I was uptown catching a jazz show. The band was fantastic. The liquor was flowing. My senses were heightened. The heat of the evening was making my casual little black dress stick to my skin. I was having a great time. I looked around the room and a beautiful girl caught my eye. She was sitting alone, and looked like she was craving a martini and some company. I walked over to her booth and asked if I could join her. “Here,” I smiled, handing her my glass. “You look like you need this.” For the first time all night, […]


Addicted: my need for his cock

Erotic fiction inspired by “Perder Tiempo” starring Kiara Lord and Matt Ice. This evening, we are attempting to go on a real date. He asked me to dinner. I said yes. Now he is here at my door. He escorts me to his car and opens the passenger door, like a gentleman. I give him a look.  My chest is fluttering already, just feeling his body near me. His eyes are still fixed on me as he walks around and gets in. He turns the engine on and lets it run. He finally looks forward and drives up the street. […]


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