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Do it on a bean bag TONIGHT!


Sex Tip # 91: Do it on a bean bag TONIGHT! Who said bean bag is to only sit and sip a glass of beer or a comfortable place to relax? Sex on a bean bag can be quite interesting too! Editorial Team Feb 08, 2016 at 12:05 pm When we don’t think twice before experimenting with or the way we dress, why stick to the old and boring when it comes to sex!. Switch off lights in your bedroom and head to your living room to have sex on a bean bag. Doesn’t it sound exciting? A very comfy place to spice up your sex life, it can help you to try amazing sex positions, unlike sex in your bedroom. Here are five ways to have sex that will drive your man crazy!
You can sit on the bean bag and let your woman sit on your lap, facing you. The soft bean bag will provide enough support for your back, you can start with kissing, caressing and making out in this position. All you need to do to is initiate the foreplay, which can then transform into a full blown act. And don’t forget, it also makes for a..


Sleep in the buff


Sex tip #93: Sleep in the buff Have you tried sleeping naked with your partner? You will be surprised at how much fun it can lead to! Editorial Team Feb 12, 2016 at 05:52 pm Be it a month or few years after marriage, adding some spice to your sex life is all you need to keep your romance alive. So what’s your plan for tonight? Well, you don’t have to plan a grand party nor do you have to try out high-end sex positions. Just changing your routine might help! Lying naked in bed is all you have to do to surprise your partner. It’s not every night but once or twice a week will rejuvenate your sex life. Here are more health benefits of sleeping naked!
The feeling is like nothing else
The feeling of silk on your skin can be a deadly combination for a naughty night. Moreover, the act of sleeping naked is far more appealing to your partner and is very sexy. Not only this, there are more reasons why sleeping in the buff is good for your sex life.
When couples sleep naked and feel th..


Have sex on a chair


Sex Tip #94: Have sex on a chair Make your chair a perfect sex prop for a kinky night! Editorial Team Feb 19, 2016 at 04:02 pm Sex on bed – becomes boring after a time.
Missionary – tried and tested but done too death.
So what’s left to add fun to your sex life? Well, explore new places and new positions to be adventurous. This time, try it out on a chair. Yes, it can be kind of interesting to do in your house or even in office. You can try it out on swivel chair or rocking chair, in addition to the normal one. The rocking motion of the chair helps you penetrate deeper and hit the G-spot. Here are 15 best places to have sex other than your bedroom.
Wondering how to go about it? Sit on a chair and ask your woman to sit on your lap, facing you and try to penetrate her while resting your hands on the arms of the chair. Moreover, it allows you to caress and stimulate her breast, kiss her back or tug her hair playfully as you get into the mood. You can perform oral sex with your..


5 reasons why your partner refuses to have sex with you


5 reasons why your partner refuses to have sex with you If you feel rejected time and again, here are reasons why your partner may not be wanting to have sex with you. Tania Tarafdar Feb 23, 2016 at 06:23 pm Has your partner been saying ‘not tonight’ too often even after you have gone through the exercise of seduction, care and friendship? It can be difficult not to feel rejected by her actions, but that doesn’t mean that she has stopped loving you completely. So we list the emotional reasons why she may not be in the mood and what you can do about it.
1. You have body shamed her: Your partner may be upset with you over some experience or event. For example, if she has gained weight and you have criticized her, she may get a feeling that you no longer find her attractive. Ensure that you don’t body shame your partner. Make her feel loved, supported and happy always.Here’s how your body image affects your sex life.
2. She is emotionally disturbed: Sometimes life’s challenges ..


Alexa Tomas: my SexArt dream girl!

I have a serious girl crush on Alexa Tomas, no point denying it. She embodies pretty much everything I find attractive, both physically (hell yeah!) and mentally. For starters, she’s super-gorgeous – slender and athletic, tanned, and classically beautiful with a radiant smile. She’s Spanish (my favorite flavor!) with a sexy voice, which means listening to her speak really drives me crazy. She’s also smart, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is an impressive actress. But possibly the hottest thing about her is the way she embraces sexual pleasure so wholeheartedly, surrendering to sensation in the most uninhibited and arousing […]


The Risk for Getting Zika Through Sex Might Be Higher Than Previously Thought

“It’s beginning to look as though Zika can be more readily transmitted sexually than we first anticipated.​”​ Health officials just announced the scary news that there are now 14 cases of potentially sexually transmitted Zika virus in the U.S., NPR reports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they’ve confirmed the virus was in blood samples from two women who hadn’t traveled, but who’d had sex with male partners who had traveled and also had Zika symptoms and are now being tested for the virus. The other 12 cases are all women (several of whom are pregnant), but haven’t been confirmed […]


Do you have any tips for first-time sex?

Do you have any tips for first-time sex? Here are my 10 commandments for first-time sex, whether it’s your first time ever or just with a new guy. While I can’t guarantee you a religious experience, if you follow my lead I can promise you a sexual experience that will be all the more satisfying. 1. Safety first. There’s no such thing as totally safe sex, but you sure can be safer. Make sure he’s wearing a condom (even if you’re on the Pill) and talk about your respective sexual histories. I know it may sound like a buzz-kill, but […]


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